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Art Restoration in the News

Art restoration is the treatment intended to return objects to a known or assumed state, usually to their original undamaged appearance. A fascinating process that is usually done behind the scenes, art restoration has been gaining public interest with the use of the internet and social media as well as famous discoveries and disasters. Below are a few examples of some very interesting cases of art restoration.

Johannes Vermeer, Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, 1657-59

When the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden decided to remove the overpainting from Vermeer’s work of art and restore it to his original intention, they made an incredible discovery: a large image of Cupid was covered up decades after the artist’s death. Read more about the new discovery here

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Night Watch, 1642

hereThe Rijskmuseum is Amsterdam is currently restoring Rembrandt’s painting. As it is too large to move, the museum is allowing visitors to watch the restoration process from behind glass as well as live streaming the process online for anyone to view. Read more about the process

Art Restoration Fails

With the increased use of the internet and the viral phenomenon, it is not surprising that some art restoration fails have gained viral fame. See some of the best of the worst here

Baumgartner Restoration

Whether it's from his incredible Instagram videos and following or his YouTube video contents, Julian Baumgartner is bringing the world of art restoration to a wide audience. His 1 minute Instagram videos instantly pull you in with the incredible before and after reveals and his YouTube videos go in depth and cover the entire restoration process. Visit his YouTube channel here

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