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Great Sources for Art & Antique News

Staying up to date on the current art and antique market is important for professionals in the art and antique industry as well as for collector’s and admirer’s.

Here are a few publications we read daily and recommend:

The Art Newspaper ( “The Art Newspaper is an online and print publication with offices in London and New York. It provides an unrivaled news service about the art world, fed by its network of sister editions…In addition to the news, it publishes reviews and commentary by major players in the art scene…”

Art Market Monitor ( “The Art Market Monitor seeks to provide a single place to follow public reporting on the art market, chart prices and track the prominence of artists and their work.”

Hyperallergic ( “Sensitive to Art and its Discontents: Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today.”

Maine Antique Digest ( “M.A.D. continues to be a must-read for those who are serious about the antiques market, particularly Americana. There is no other publication quite like it, with its reports on shows, auctions, and other market news from across the United States and Canada and a long-running column on the London market.”

Antiques Trade Gazette ( “Antiques Trade Gazette is dedicated to serving the art and antiques community through unrivaled news coverage and analysis. Published every week since 1971, Antiques Trade Gazette has a heritage of authority, integrity and accuracy at the heart of its reporting that make it the essential read for anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of art and antiques.”

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