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Preparing for the On-Site Inspection

Once we have had our preliminary discussion with you regarding your property, we will schedule an on-site inspection. For the on-inspection, we will be photographing, measuring and taking notes on each item you would like appraised. There are a few things you can do to prepare for the inspection to save time and ultimately save you money.

  • Decide which items you would like appraised

  • Get out all the items being appraised: unpack items in boxes; make items in attics, garages etc. accessible

  • Group together similar items

  • Try to limit obstacles or obstructions from inspecting the items

  • Gather any documents for the items being appraised (receipts, sale slips, past appraisals, certificates of authenticity, restoration notes, provenance documentation)

Anything you as the client can do to make the on-site inspection go smoothly and efficiently, will help reduce the time we spend inspecting your property.

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